How To Take 1,000 Ideas And Transform Them Into A Single Productive Goal

“Oh, that’s a great idea! I can definitely write a book about that!” “Oooh, that sounds fun, I’ll definitely do that this weekend.” “Ah, that’s smart, better add it to my idea list!” Are these things you say to yourself regularly? Do you always have a fresh new idea that is just perfect, even though […]

Journals: a Simple Yet Effective Approach to Achieving Your Goals

You suck at achieving your goals. (And so do I). We spend all our time thinking about our goals, waiting for the perfect moment to take action on them… …But we rarely do. That’s our problem. We think, we wait, we think, we wait… But taking action, especially “meaningful” action, is a struggle. Our “action […]

How to Use Motivation and Actually Stick With Your Goals

Have you ever been super motivated to accomplish a goal, only to find yourself completely indifferent about it only days later? If you’re anything like me, then the answer is a resounding yes. Unfortunately this scenario is all to common. During those days of motivation we become highly enthusiastic and are ready to take on […]

The Secret to Simple Goal Accomplishment

I have a problem. Sometimes when I set out to do something, I end up abandoning that endeavor early on. And typically, it’s for the same recurring reason. The cause? Perfectionism. When I set out to accomplish something, I go all out in making the “perfect” formula, or the “perfect” plan, or the “perfect” method. […]

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