The warrior poet: 5 smart reasons this mindset will defeat procrastination once and for all

You struggle with procrastination, don’t you? You often find yourself taking more breaks than you’d like, unable to get things going and start making some real progress. You can feel the strong grip of inaction’s hold on you, and you struggle to be free from it. Know what? You have a problem …But the question […]

5 Unlikely Lessons I Learned From Hardcore Competitive Fighting Games

The art of competitive fighting games has been a hobby of mine since high school. Through a friend, I was exposed to the game Super Smash Brothers Melee. An unconventional fighting game with an emphasis on free-form movement, the game was  fast and fun all at the same time. Playing it exposed me to the […]

Is Focusing on the Big Picture Actually Hurting You?

Time and time again I’ve found that I’ve repeatedly abandoned certain goals. During which I held a positive attitude and always kept my eyes on the prize, hoping to reach it in due time. But on more than one occasion, sticking with it was impossible. Even with what I thought was the “proper mindset.” What […]

How to Become a Person of Value

The other day I was thinking about what my “value” as a person is. As in, “am I worth anything?” Curious, I pondered on the nature of human value, and what it even meant. “How is somebody’s value even measured?” I wondered. “And is there a value to my being?” On further introspection, I arrived […]

3 Tips To Embrace Your Discomfort

This year has taught me a lot about what it is to feel and embrace discomfort. My lessons came from needing to put my sick dog, Foxy, to sleep. He had a head tumor and a crippling back problem. Each day consisted of him laying on his side; unable to eat, drink, or use the […]

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