How To Take 1,000 Ideas And Transform Them Into A Single Productive Goal

“Oh, that’s a great idea! I can definitely write a book about that!” “Oooh, that sounds fun, I’ll definitely do that this weekend.” “Ah, that’s smart, better add it to my idea list!” Are these things you say to yourself regularly? Do you always have a fresh new idea that is just perfect, even though […]

5 common reasons we procrastinate (and what you can do about it)

Beating procrastination is hard. Even if you know you’ve to get your work done, it somehow still takes the reins and ruins your work sessions. Sure, when it comes to fun things you have no problem at all wasting an hour or two. (And that’s a low estimate). But when it’s time to get down […]

The warrior poet: 5 smart reasons this mindset will defeat procrastination once and for all

You struggle with procrastination, don’t you? You often find yourself taking more breaks than you’d like, unable to get things going and start making some real progress. You can feel the strong grip of inaction’s hold on you, and you struggle to be free from it. Know what? You have a problem …But the question […]

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