The warrior poet: 5 smart reasons this mindset will defeat procrastination once and for all

You struggle with procrastination, don’t you? You often find yourself taking more breaks than you’d like, unable to get things going and start making some real progress. You can feel the strong grip of inaction’s hold on you, and you struggle to be free from it. Know what? You have a problem …But the question […]

The Mantra: The Secret Method to Quick and Effective Decision Making

The mantra. A phrase which conjures up images of people in meditation whilst performing a chant. Associations which include calmness, focus, breathing, and enlightenment. We don’t normally think of the mantra as a tool for decision making. Rather, we tend to focus on the peaceful aspects of it. But I’ve learned that the mantra can […]

How to Make Decisions: Guidelines Vs. Rulesets

Peoples lives are governed by different values and perceptions. For some, they are very strict. They may see things in terms of black and white, right or wrong, and good and bad. Their decisions tend to be based on only a few of their perceived options. For others, however, they prefer to allow more judgement […]

The Secret to Simple Goal Accomplishment

I have a problem. Sometimes when I set out to do something, I end up abandoning that endeavor early on. And typically, it’s for the same recurring reason. The cause? Perfectionism. When I set out to accomplish something, I go all out in making the “perfect” formula, or the “perfect” plan, or the “perfect” method. […]

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