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How to Make Decisions: Guidelines Vs. Rulesets

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Peoples lives are governed by different values and perceptions. For some, they are very strict. They may see things in terms of black and white, right or wrong, and good and bad. Their decisions tend to be based on only a few of their perceived options. For others, however, they prefer to allow more judgement […]

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How to Become a Person of Value

The other day I was thinking about what my “value” as a person is. As in, “am I worth anything?” Curious, I pondered on the nature of human value, and what it even meant. “How is somebody’s value even measured?” I wondered. “And is there a value to my being?” On further introspection, I arrived […]

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How to Use Motivation and Actually Stick With Your Goals

Have you ever been super motivated to accomplish a goal, only to find yourself completely indifferent about it only days later? If you’re anything like me, then the answer is a resounding yes. Unfortunately this scenario is all to common. During those days of motivation we become highly enthusiastic and are ready to take on […]

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The Secret to Simple Goal Accomplishment

I have a problem. Sometimes when I set out to do something, I end up abandoning that endeavor early on. And typically, it’s for the same recurring reason. The cause? Perfectionism. When I set out to accomplish something, I go all out in making the “perfect” formula, or the “perfect” plan, or the “perfect” method. […]

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3 Tips To Embrace Your Discomfort

This year has taught me a lot about what it is to feel and embrace discomfort. My lessons came from needing to put my sick dog, Foxy, to sleep. He had a head tumor and a crippling back problem. Each day consisted of him laying on his side; unable to eat, drink, or use the […]

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