The Mantra: The Secret Method to Quick and Effective Decision Making

The mantra in sunset

The mantra.

A phrase which conjures up images of people in meditation whilst performing a chant. Associations which include calmness, focus, breathing, and enlightenment.

We don’t normally think of the mantra as a tool for decision making. Rather, we tend to focus on the peaceful aspects of it.

But I’ve learned that the mantra can be applied in a manner that can give us the strength to always make the decision we need to.

Even when we feel like we want to quit.

The Mantra and Verbal Command Requests (VCR)

A book I read last year really opened my eyes to the power that the mantra contains. It’s called Unleash the Warrior Within by Richard “Mack” Machowicz (affiliate link).

He actually created his own version of the mantra called “verbal command requests (VCR).” These are basically phrases that are pre-loaded with certain actions within them. They work by drowning out the doubt or need to quit you may have building up inside you.

Any time you get the feeling that you don’t want to do what you need to, that’s when the VCR comes into play.

When thoughts like “I’m not sure if I can do this…” or “I’m too tired to go on” occur, you replace them with your VCR.  The action associated with the VCR will also help break any unwanted thoughts you may have.

As you will see, using VCR’s are very simple and very effective. Because of this we can apply them to any situation and create better results from it.

How to Use Verbal Command Requests (VCR’s)

Our VCR’s our very personal to who we are and the lives we lead. It depends on what we’re trying to achieve with our actions, and how we should go about doing it.

VCR’s should be repeated internally for as long as necessary so that the undesired thoughts cannot influence your actions.

Keep them as simple as possible so that there is no issue in using them during high pressure situations.

With that in mind, here are a few examples:

  • “Back to Work” – This can be used every time you feel yourself getting distracted from your desk work. That urge for Facebook can quickly be replaced with this phrase.
  • “Light Weight!” – Made famous by Ronnie Coleman, use this at the gym whenever you feel like you’re too tired to get that iron off the floor.
  • “I’m a (insert last name)” – Are you or your family members known for your perseverance? If so, use this VCR whenever you need that extra dose of motivation.
  • “Just Do It” – Made famous by Nike, this VCR has endless applications to life. Use it whenever you feel yourself hesitating to take action.
  • “Embrace Discomfort” – Use this whenever you’re in a situation you can’t avoid or in a time of strong emotions you’d rather not have.

As you can see, each one requires a slightly different setup. Sometimes you use one for distractions, others for confidence, and others for being able to endure.

Whatever it happens to be, try to use it every time you’re in that situation. This way you can train yourself to react that way every time. This will speed up and improve the rate at which you can use your desired reaction.

Hopefully over time you will no longer need the VCR and will immediately jump to your desired action.

Closing Thoughts

VCR’s can turn our doubts into our convictions. Make us strong when we feel weak. Be personal, yet applicable. They are simple, yet effective.

With a VCR, you can turn a moment of weakness into a moment you can be proud of.

Lets try to make sure your life is a series of proud moments.

Do you have any tricks for making sure you make the right decision? Please leave a comment below!


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